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Thank you for submitting your application to Ask a Chef Chicago. Here at Ask a Chef Chicago we are committed to providing customer service not only to clients but companies as well.


  Here at Ask a Chef Chicago, we provide direct hiring services to our clients. The application you submit today will be used to determine if, and which client that may needs you will meet.

  How does this work? When you submit your resume, we look at your skills, and experience to determine if you are a fit for their needs. If so we arrange a interview and a stage. If hired you owe us NOTHING. The client pays us!

  Once placed with a client we cannot place you anywhere else! However, if you are not hired, we will continue matching you with other clients, or new clients. If you end employment with a client, we may place you with another. This depends on the reason for the termination.    


By filling out this form you are giving Ask a Chef Chicago permission to do the following:

1.      Contact past employers for verification of work history.

2.      Background checks when and only when ordered by clients

3.      Education, licenses, all training listed on application or resume.






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