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Here at Ask A Chef Chicago we are always working to serve you. We understand that more and more people are choosing to allow food to become the one thing that brings us together. Let's face it, even the President of the United States has State dinners. So why not cook a meal that will wow your friends, clients, and even your family!

We are offering a new service for businesses and families: Recipe Services. This service allows the home cook a chance to cook new and healthy meals. The way it works is simple. First, you sign up for our recipe service. Second, you simply email or call us with your request. Next, we go to work, creating the perfect recipe for you. We also provide you with step-by-step instructions. And we provide you with a detail shopping list that includes the price for each item.

We know you can google any recipe. However, most families have at least one member who is on a diet or has special dietary needs. This is where we make the difference.

We currently offer a monthly plan for $19.95 and single use plan for $9.95.  Just choose the plan that works best for you!

Now, we know some of you are saying, "They can’t be that good!" Well, to prove to you and our Corporate Clients that we are working to become the best, we are giving everyone a free sample recipe! Just scroll down to the bottom of this page, pick a recipe, and download it.

Thank you for choosing Ask A Chef Chicago!

Free Recipes

Belgian Waffles
A nice sweet Waffle
Belgian Waffles copy.docx
Microsoft Word document [37.9 KB]
Ice Cream Mini Cakes
A sweet treat fun to make.
Chocolate Mini Ice Cream Cake.docx
Microsoft Word document [39.8 KB]
Crab Cakes
A nice crab cake that can be severed as a side or main dish
crab cakes.docx
Microsoft Word document [39.0 KB]
Lamb Chili
lamb chili provides a taste that will wow all family members.
lamb chili copy.docx
Microsoft Word document [38.1 KB]
Stuffed Meat loaf
A new way to improve on a classic favorite meal.
meat loaf copy.docx
Microsoft Word document [39.9 KB]
Rustic Potatoes
A breakfast delight.
Rustic Potatoes copy 2.docx
Microsoft Word document [38.9 KB]
The Hottest Wings Ever
These wings are very hot
Wings From Hell.docx
Microsoft Word document [38.8 KB]
Recipe Services
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Here we design recipes for you. You simply call, or email us with your recipe request. Then we got to work to build that recipe for you. We also provide you with a detail shopping list. We cost out the recipe, and we even tell you what stores have the items on sale near you.

Recipe Services

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